गुरुवार, नवंबर 29, 2012

Salil Choudhary and Yogesh : A combination hard to forget !

Salil Da (Salil Chowdhary) was a master musician. As a music director he initially worked with Shailendra but later after his demise he started working with lyricist Yogesh. Salil's association with Yogesh produced a series of songs with philosophical overtones.

The way these songs were composed by Salil Da and the power of words created from the pen of Yogesh resulted in meaningful melody which no music lover can ever forget. Recently I did the series on Salil Yogesh combination on my hindi blog featuring these three songs.

If you are interested in knowing that how Salil Da evolved as a musician and how his association with Yogesh  grew with time do visit above pages.

रविवार, नवंबर 25, 2012

Nissan Evalia : What a musical melody in an ad !

Yesterday I was working on my PC when I heard this melodious piece of music on TV. When I stood beside my Idiot Box I saw this advertisement which hooked me instantly. After quite a long time I heard such a melodious rhythm in a TV commercial.

The fact remains that an advertisement which features stalwarts like Swanand Kirkire, Sunidhi Chouhan, Shantanu Moitra must be sureela. Apart from these there are two more beautiful ladies Anushka Manchanda and Andrea Jeremiah who have been featured in this ad.

If you are wondering which ad it is? It is the ad of  newly launched Nissan Evalia with a catchy punchline Evalia Moves like Music

I loved the sargam . What about you..... Click Here to comment on this post

मंगलवार, सितंबर 18, 2012

Firaq Gorakhpuri : Hizabon mein bhi tu numayan numayan

Last week one of my friend sent me a Ghazal of Firaq Gorakhpuri sahab and asked me What he has written. When I glanced through the ghazal two things striked me instantly. Use of complex words and more importantly the repetition of words in a particular manner in all the sher of the ghazal.

In simple words Firaq has narrated the beauty of his imaginary lover in the Ghazal but the beauty lies in the adjectives used by him throughout the Ghazal. Here is the podcast of my effort to translate iton you tube.

Hizabon mein bhi tu numayan numayan
Farozaan farozaan darakhshaan darakhshaan

Tere zulf-o-rukh ka badal dhundtaa hun
Shabistaan shabistaan charaaghaan charaaghaan

Khat-o-khaal ki tere parchhaaiyaan hain
Khayaabaan Khayaabaan gulistaan gulistaan

Junun-e-muhabbat un aankhon ki wahshat
Bayaabaan bayaabaan Ghazalaan Ghazalaan

Lapat mushk-e-gesuu kii taataar taataar
Damak la’l-e-lab ki badakshaan badakshaan

Vohi ek tabassum chaman dar chaman hai
Vohi pankhuri hai gulistaan gulistaan

Saraasar hai tasvir jam’eeton  ki
Muhabbat ki duniya harasaan harasaan

Yehi jazb-e-pinhaan ki hai daad kafi
Chale aao mujh tak gurezaan gurezaan

“Firaq” khaziiN se tau waaqif the tum bhi
Vo kuch khoya khoya pareshan pareshan

रविवार, अगस्त 26, 2012

Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho Meri Jaan : The darker side of Geeta Dutt guru Dutt relationship.

Guru Dutt and Geeta Roy were both great personalities in their own right. But even great personalities do flounder on their personal front. It is a well known fact that Geeta Dutt's career in playback singing was in dire straits when she was offered Anubhav by Kanu Roy.

Geeta Dutt showed great depth in singing all  her numbers from the movies. But the pain which comes in her voice when she croons Meri jaan mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan is to be heard to be believed . A question simply comes to a listener's mind whether all the pain and humiliation she faced in his martial life came to the fore while singing this song written by Gulzar.

Mera Dil jo Mera Hota..How Kanu Roy used to narrate his tunes?

Kany Roy used Geeta Dutt in four of his songs. Out of these four songs, two were written by Gulzar Sahab. Though Mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan is immensely popular among Gulzar & Kanu Da's fans, Mera dil jo mera hota is not heard that much. Kanu Da has used minimal instruments to focus on Gulzar's flowing poetry in the song. The use of sitar along with Geeta Dutt's naughty voice is just a pleasure to behold for any listener.

And what can be said of Gulzar when he mesmerizes us with these beautifully written lines..

Suraj ko masal kar main, chandan ki tarah malti
sone ka badan le kar kundan ki tarah jalti
is gore se chehre par aaina fida hota
mera dil jo mera hota..

In one of his interview Gulzar has recollected how Kanu da used to narrate the tune of the song in his own typical way.  

If you are interested you can read my detailed post about Kanu Da here.


शनिवार, जून 02, 2012

Phir koyi phool khila chahat na kaho usko : Are you a pessimist ?

I don't know whether you are an optimist or pessimist but in my childhood this question haunted me very much. Though I never considered my self pessimist but I also do not like to wear the tag of eternal optimist. Years passed and at last I founded something which was closer to my nature

"Success or failure..I will  always be pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed." 

So I always weighed my dreams in realm of reality & put success and failure in above perspective. But why I am sharing these things to you. Just because the song I am playing today conveys similar motions. 
Phir koyi  phool khila chahat na kaho usko i.e. Blooming of flowers do not always mean that love is in the air.

The trio of Manna Dey , Kapil Kumar & Kanu Roy made this song memorable to us. Loved the use of the sitar in the song and the way Manna Da has sung it. Want to know more about lyricist and composer? 

बुधवार, मई 23, 2012

Main Hawa Hoon Kahan Hai Watan Mera : The Wind me and Suresh Chopra

If you are a bit perplexed to see such a heading for this post, be clear  that it is not about Ahmad Hussain  & Md Hussain's famous ghazal. This post is more about my relationship with the moving wind from childhood to adult phase. And while recollecting those memories I can not forget to share those antidotes from  Suresh Chopra  related to gushing winds, who was then a columist in TOI.

So here is my detailed account offcourse in Hindi kyunki kahaniyan to Hindi mein hi sunani achchhi lagti hain naa..

मंगलवार, मई 15, 2012

Peeli Chhatri Wali Ladki : Uday Prakash exposes brahmanism in Hindi education system.

Peeli Chhatri Wali Ladki is a Hindi novel by Uday Prakash. From its title it looks like a romantic novel. Its true that Udai Prakash has a romantic story running in the background throughout the novel. But by  using a love story in backdrop he has tried to raise several important issues faced by India.  Some of the issues raised by him through this book are
  • Growing nepotism in higher Hindi education by Brahmins.
  • Problems faced by people of NE especially those of Manipur
  • Growing  financial inequality among the masses of India

I have tried to give my view on the book here with some interesting excerpts from the novel.

रविवार, मई 13, 2012

Jab bhi ye dil udas hota hai : Jab geet ka mukhda bana ghazal ka matla

Kuchh geeton ka canvas film ki paridhiyon se kahin door phaila hota hai. We kahin bhi sune jayein, kabhie bhi gune jayein we apne ird gird khud wahi mahoul bana dete hain. Isiliye situational songs ki tulna mein ye geet kabhie boodhe nahin hote.Gulzar ka film Seema ke liye likha ye nagma ek aisa hi geet hai. Na jaane kitne karod ekaaki hridyon ko is geet ki bhaavnayein un udas lamhon mein sukoon pahucha chuki hongi.

Gulzar ka likha ye geet to aapne Md Rafi ki aawaaz mein baraha suna hoga

jab bhii ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhii ye...

ho.nTh chup chaap bolate ho jab
saa.Ns kuchh tez tez chalatii ho
aa.Nkhe.n jab de rahii ho.n aavaaze.n
Tha.nDii aaho.n me.n saa.Ns jalatii ho
jab bhii ye...

aa.Nkho.n me.n tairatii hai tasviire.n
teraa cheharaa teraa khayaal liye
aainaa dekhataa hai jab mujhako
ek maasuum saa savaal liye
jab bhii ye...

koii vaadaa nahii.n kiyaa lekin
kyuu.N teraa i.ntazaar rahataa hai
bevajah jab karaar mil jaye
dil ba.Daa bekaraar rahataa hai
jab bhii ye..

Par kya aapko pata hai ki Gulzar ne isi mukhde par ek Ghazal bhi likhi hai jiska matla is geet ka mukhda hai. Us ghazal ke chand sher

go barasati nahin sada aankhein
abra to barah maas hota hai

Zakhm kahte hain dil ka gahna hai
dard dil ka libaas hota hai

Click  to read my detailed post including the complete ghazal here

शुक्रवार, मई 04, 2012

Mujhe tum nazar se gira to raho ho : Mehdi Hasan as a playback singer

Mehdi Hasan is known as king of Ghazals. But how many of you know that besides ghazal singing he was one of the most sought after play back singer in Pakistani film industry between 1960-80. Even today his old songs are quite popular.

The two songs which I will talk about today were written by lyricist Masroor Anwar. Out of these two songs

Mujhe tum nazar se gira to raho ho
mujhe tum kabhi bhi bhula na sakoge
na jane mujhe kyun yakeen ho chala hai
mere pyar ko tum mita na sakoge

is quite popular in India also.The other one is equally soulful

Ik sitam aur meri jaan abhi jaan baki hai
dil mein ab tak teri ulfat ka nishaan baki hai

You can listen to both these ghazals here with my detailed write up.

बुधवार, मई 02, 2012

Kabhi Yoon Bhi Aa Meri Aankh Mein : Bashir Badra

Bahir Badra is a name whose popularity in Indian subcontinent is never in doubt. He uses simple language which is easy to understand but at the same time his verse has deep rooted meaning.

Kabhi yoon bhi aa is one of his famous ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh. But have you heard it in voice of Mohammad Hussain and Ahmad Hussain ?

Kabhi Yun Bhi Aa Meri Aankh Mein,
Ke Meri Nazar Ko Khabar Na Ho
Mujhe Ek Raat Nawaz De ,
Magar Uske Baad Saher Na Ho

Woh Bara Raheem-o-Kareem Hai,
Mujhe Yeh Sifat Bhi Ata Kare

 Tujhe Bhoolne Ki Dua Karoon,
To Dua Mein Meri Asar Na Ho

Kabhi Din Ki Dhoop Mein Jhoom Ke,
Kabhi Shab Ke Phool Ko Choom Ke
Yun Hi Saath Saath Chalein sada,
Kabhi Khatam Apna Safar Na Ho

Mere Paas Mere Habeeb Aa,
Zara Aur Dil Ke Qareeb Aa,
Tujhe Dhadkano Mein Basa loon Main,
Ke Bichhadne Ka Kabhie Dar Na Ho

Do listen this ghazal in the voice of Hussain brothers with meaning of ghazal kabhi yoon bhi aa here.

गुरुवार, मार्च 22, 2012

Bas Ek Chup si Lagi Hai...Hemant Da voice with Gulzar words

Whenever the name of Gulzar & Hemant da comes together the first movie which comes to mind is Khamoshi. How can one forget those immortal songs like..Pyar ko pyar hi rehne do koyi naam na di, tumhara intezaar hai pukar lo and Wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi.

But in general we forget about another score in which these maestro came together. The film was Sannata which was released three years before release of Khamoshi . Most of the song of the film were sung by Lata ji. But my favourite among them was a song sung by Hemant Da.

Hearing even the mukhda of the song was enough to get in that melancholy mood. A song with simple  yet effective words with minimal instrumental and soul stirring voice of Hemant da you can't help but mumble along..

Bas Ek Chup Si Lagi Hai
Nahin Udaas Nahin
Kahin Pe saans Ruki Hai, Nahin Udaas Nahin...

रविवार, मार्च 18, 2012

Annual Musical Countdown 2011 : Top 25 songs of the year 2011 !

Here is the complete list of 25 songs for the  Ek Shaam Mere Naam Annual Musical Countdown 2011.


Song No. 25 : Kitne Dafe Dil Ne Kaha from Tanu Weds Manu
Raj Shekhar 's lyrics makes this song memorable in Mohit's voice.
Harshdeep tells the story about  how this song was composed?And also know the meaning of Katiya Karoon.

Do you know who is Alyssa Mendonsa the singer of this song ? Alyssa never knew while singing that her voice is being recorded.

Sung by Rahat and written by Pankshi Jalonvi this song  from Khap has gloomy overtones. After listening to the wonderful lyrics you will be eager to know about the person. Meet him in this post. 

Song No. 21 : Yoon Ruh ki ungliyon se kheenchi hai tune lakeerein..Aafreen
Rahat again shines with a romantic melody from the movie Azaan. The lyrics are from bhag bhag D K Bose    fame (de) Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Song No. 20 : Ek junoon ek deewangi har taraf har taraf from ZNMD
Know interesting facts about the making of this poppy  La Tomatina song.

Song No. 19 : Teri Meri Meri Teri Prem Kahani Do Lafzon Mein..from Bodyguard
Was this original composition of Himesh Reshamiya ?

Song No. 18 : Teri Seemayein..from Kashmakash
Shreya sings this sensitive, melancholy song of Gulzar with ease...

Song No. 17: Haal E Dil Tumse Kaise Kahoon from BHTB
Vishal Shekhar create a romantic melody using Amitabh's golden voice aptly.

Song No. 16: Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana from The Dirty Picture
Kamal Khan excels in this song which explores the concept of devotional love

Song No. 15 : Abhi Kuch Dinon Se Lag Raha Hai.. from DTBHJ
Meet Neelesh Misra the lyricist who penned this Pritam's no.

Song No. 14 : Sheet Lahar Hai, Bheenge Se Par Hain from Lanka 
An IIM Ahmadabad graduate becomes music director. A civil engineer becomes a lyricist but when they combine they generate a haunting melody

Song No. 13 : Dil Sambhal Ja Zara from Murder II
Mithoon creates magic with his musical arrangement well supported by young singer from Hyderabad Md Irfan whose voice has similar strains as his Pakistan counterparts.

Song No. 12 : Te Amo Kisi Ko Sapna Lage Tu Kisi Ko Behti Hawa from Dum Maro Dum
With his mastery on guitar Pritam comes with another catchy tune with vocals from pop singer Ash King & Sunidhi Chouhan.

Song No. 11 : Dheere Dheere Jiya Ko Dheere Bhayo Re Saibo from Shor in the city !
Sachin Jigar are in their elements in this song. A superb tune well sung by Shreya & Tochi is truly a listening pleasure.

Song No. 10: Manwa Aage Bhage Re..Bandhu Sou Sou Tage Re... from Kashmakash
Superb tanslation of Tagore song from his novel by Gulzar. The poetry created in mukhda remains itched in the mind even after song is over.

Song No. 9 : Jiya Hua Jo Malang Chhod apnon ka sang chala man abhimani man chala from PCDS
A philosophical song penned by director Sourabh Shukla talks about the bloated human ego. Add to it the soulful singing of Kailash Kher with refreshing fusion from Malhar

Song No.8 : Badmash Dil to Thag Hai Bada from Singham
Ajay and Atul Gogawale  make their presence felt in Hindi film music industry after their successful stint in Marathi film industry for a decade. A superb romantic melody in Shreya's voice is a joy for music lovers.

Song No.7 :Koyi Dil Bekaabu Kar Gaya from Mousam
Rabba was sung by two by two singers. One was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the other one. Find out in this post.

Song No. 6 :Ik Zara Chehra Idhar Keejai Inayat Hogi from Saat Khoon Maaf
Gulzar again pens one of the most romantic no. of the year. The song was made when Gulzar narrated one of his nazm during the film shooting in Hyderabad. What was this nazm and why Vishal chose the word Bekraan ?
Song No. 5 : Kaise Kahein Alvida Mehram from Ye Saali Zindagi
Noted Sitar exponent Ustaad Nishat Khan was amazed when his good old friend asked him to do the music direction of the YSZ. How Nishar responded to the challenge in this sensous no. penned by Swanand Kirkire ?

Song No. 4 : Raat Mujhe Ye Kah Ke Chidhaye... from Sahab Biwi and Gangster
Suman Nath creates wonder by giving nice poetic tinge to this romantic melody music directed by Abhishek Roy. Watch out the lyrics with lovable crooning by Shreya Ghoshal

Song No. 3 : Dil pareshan Hai Raat Bhari Hai  from Bol
A sad song which makes ur heart move as the words flow. Sajjad Ali does wonder all around.

A.R .Rahman shines in this sufi composition with strong backing of Irshaad Kamil's excellent lyrics.

Meet the young duo of Raj Shekhar and; Krsna who came up with this mesmerizing no. which was sung in two versions by wadali Brothers and Krsna himself.

Best Male singer of the Year  : Mohit Chouhan
Best Female Singer of the Year  : Shreya Ghoshal
Album of the Year : Rockstar, Tanu Weds Manu
Best Song of the Year : Rangrez for Tanu Weds Manu
Best Lyricist : Raj Shekhar for Rangrez, Tanu Weds Manu
Best Music Director : A.R. Rahman for Rockstar