गुरुवार, नवंबर 29, 2012

Salil Choudhary and Yogesh : A combination hard to forget !

Salil Da (Salil Chowdhary) was a master musician. As a music director he initially worked with Shailendra but later after his demise he started working with lyricist Yogesh. Salil's association with Yogesh produced a series of songs with philosophical overtones.

The way these songs were composed by Salil Da and the power of words created from the pen of Yogesh resulted in meaningful melody which no music lover can ever forget. Recently I did the series on Salil Yogesh combination on my hindi blog featuring these three songs.

If you are interested in knowing that how Salil Da evolved as a musician and how his association with Yogesh  grew with time do visit above pages.

रविवार, नवंबर 25, 2012

Nissan Evalia : What a musical melody in an ad !

Yesterday I was working on my PC when I heard this melodious piece of music on TV. When I stood beside my Idiot Box I saw this advertisement which hooked me instantly. After quite a long time I heard such a melodious rhythm in a TV commercial.

The fact remains that an advertisement which features stalwarts like Swanand Kirkire, Sunidhi Chouhan, Shantanu Moitra must be sureela. Apart from these there are two more beautiful ladies Anushka Manchanda and Andrea Jeremiah who have been featured in this ad.

If you are wondering which ad it is? It is the ad of  newly launched Nissan Evalia with a catchy punchline Evalia Moves like Music

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