मंगलवार, दिसंबर 27, 2011

Top 10 Bollywood dancing nos. of 2011 !

Annual Countdown 2011 is still one week away. But before the year ends lets rewind through the top 10 bollywood numbers which kept our feet rolling. These days most of the Bollywood nos. are  presented as Item nos. If you take a cursory glance at last year item songs one can easily conclude that there re three essential ingredient of a hit item songs catchy tune, lot of exposure by item girls & over and above some choicest expletives , more vulgar the better.

Here is my list of top ten dancing nos. 

#10 : Zara Dil ko tham lo..
 # 9 : Character Dheela
 # 8 : Char Baj Gaye Magar Party Abhi baki hai
 # 7 :Chhammak Chhalloo
 # 6 :Umrao Jaan
 # 5 : Taany Taany Phish
 #4 : D K Bose
 #3 : Saddi Gali...aaya Karo
  #2 : Kolaveri D
  #1 : OOO la la

While compiling these songs I have tried to see them from a different point of view . You can hear all these songs along with my take on them here. Do join next week in Annual Countdown 2011.

शनिवार, दिसंबर 24, 2011

Main chamaron ki gali tak le chaloonga aapko ...Adam Gondvi (1947-2011)

Adam Gondvi is no more. Suffering from Liver cirrhosis he died last week in a hospital in Lucknow. Adam always voiced his anger against rampant corruption in politics and helplessness of the poor people in our system. He was a person who loved villages and lived like a villager throughout his life.Two of his books Samay Se Muthbhed & Dharti ki Satah Par were quite popular.

Critics regarded him as the torchbearer of Hindi Ghazals after Dushyant Kumar. In fact Adam was more terse and specific in his attacks on the social injustice and rampant degradation of politics. 

Today in his memory I want to share with you his famous poem regarding exploitation of dalits in a village dominated by upper caste in my voice. The poem starts with the line Main chamaron ki gali tak le chaloonga aapko .. The poem is a moving story in itself. The poem was based on a true incident in UP.

Adam Gondvi is no more but I hope his poetry will always propel us to fight against injustice in our present system in years to come.

गुरुवार, दिसंबर 01, 2011

Saiffudin Saif....: Jab tere Shahar Se Guzarta Hoon..A podcast in my voice...

Saiffudin Saif.... I didn't know  much about the poet until I happened to listen to Garche sou baar gham e hijra se jaan gujri hai..phir bhi dil pe jo guzarni thi kahan guzri hai in the soothing voice of Runa Laila.  As I started searching about Saif I found that he was a well known poet in Amritsar in pre partition era. After independence he moved to Pakistan and became part of film industry there. He wrote several memorable lyrics. If you are interested in reading more about Saif Click Here.

Some of his songs are even popular to this date. It is a well known fact that Saif was heart broken when his lady love left him to go to another city. In her memory Saif wrote jab tere shahar se guzarta hoon... Its a long nazm but when one goes through it,  the reader gets the glimpses of emotional upheaval which the poet had gone through.. I have written the whole nazm here in Hindi. 

If you are not familiar to the language , listen to my recitation of the nazm.

शुक्रवार, नवंबर 04, 2011

Tumhare Liye : A romantic novel by Himanshu Joshi .

Tumhare Liye is a famous Hindi novel by Himanshu Joshi with teenage love as its central theme. Written in a flashback style the story is narrated by main character of the novel  Virag Sharma. Set in the hills of Nainital the novel gained a lot of popularity in the 90's. Later on a serial was made on this love story  on Doordarshan.  An audio CD of the novel is also available on net.

Read my  detailed review along with writer's memories associated with the novel here.

Click here to share your opinion about the novel

रविवार, अक्तूबर 23, 2011

Chori Chori Solah Singar Karoongi...

Pancham & Asha were  terrific combination in the 70's. They have given  many soulful nos. to the music lovers in this era. In 1974 late film star Shammi Kapoor for the first time directed a movie called Manoranjan. Shammi who was initially susceptible about Pancham's talent, had become a great fan of his music after tremendous success of Teesri Manzil. So Pancham became his automatic choice for music director in his film.

Unfortunately Manorajan didn't perform well at the box office as expected. Its music also crashed at that point of time. But people still remember two of its song very fondly. One of them was a fun filled song Goya ki chunanche and the second one was quite romantic and sensuous number Chori Chori Solah Singar Karoongi ..

Asha's rendition of the song coupled with melodious tune of Pancham makes this song delightfully hummable.Asha bagged the Filmfare nomination for the song. The song was picturised on ohh so beautiful Zeenat Amaan...

शुक्रवार, अक्तूबर 14, 2011

Jagjit Singh : What will be the future of Ghazals after him ?

I was holidaying in Delhi when I heard the news of Jagjit Singh's sad demise. I knew that  Jagjit Ji was in super critical stage on ventilator support for past few weeks. But there was some hope against hope that some miracle will happen by the grace of God. But it did not happened  & Jagjit left us  with a void in Ghazal singing in India.

Jagjit always maintained in his interview that like the golden 80's the era of Ghazal will be back, He was always very critical about the role of electronic media in hampering  the growth of Ghazals in India.

You can read his views about future of Ghazals here along with the links of the post I have written about Jagjit Singh here.

सोमवार, सितंबर 26, 2011

Ja Ja Re Apne Mandirvaa Ja.. : Nirali Kartik & Shankar Tucker combine to produce this bandish in Raag Bheem Palasi

We talked about some melodious tunes of Shankar Tucker in the last post. In his album The Shruti Box he has also collaborated with Nirali Kartik to produce an awesome bandish based on Raag Bheem Palasi. The mukhda of the bandish goes like this

Ja Ja Re Apne Mandirvaa Ja..

Nirali is a upcoming classical singer  from Ahemdabad. Born & brought up  in a musical family of Ahmedabad, she is related with Mewat Gharana. Their jugalbandi in this composition is so enchanting. that you can't have enough of it.

Infact Shankar has included some film based numbers also in his album. The notable among them is a song from Slumdog Millionaire. Then there are two numbers from Iyer Sisters : Vandana and; Vidya. Their rendation of a tamil bhajan Nee Nenaindal.. sung in praise of goddess Mahalakshmi has got tremendous popularity on the net.

All in all the debut album of Shankar Tucker is worth every penny. Hope we will hear much more from this talented musician in near future.

मंगलवार, सितंबर 20, 2011

Shankar Tucker & Clarinet : Western Instrument... Indian Sound

Shankar Tucker is a musician who has become an object of curiosity because of his immense talent as well as nationality. Shankar is master of Clarinet which is originally a German instrument. The mastery of Shankar lies in the fact that he plays clarinet by fusing it with Indian classical music,a feat not performed earlier by any foreign artist earlier.

Recently Shankar launched his album on You Tube named as The Shruti Box. It has eleven tracks . Six of these tracks are instrumental & rest  five are mixture of bhajans, film songs & classical fusion. Shanker's magic works in each of these tracks. Out of these 6  instrumental tracks, my personal favourite  are Night Monsoon, Lemon Grass and Sonu.

To know more about Shankar and his music you can read my detailed article in Hindi here...

Just to give you the glimpse of  the soothing  soulful music  which Shankar creates, let us listen to this instrumental track.

Click here to post your feedback.

गुरुवार, अगस्त 25, 2011

Lo Mashalon Ko Jala dala Kisi Ne... Prasson Joshi's poem on Anna's Movement !

Prasoon Joshi has done it again. He has written a lovely poem on the awareness created by Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement. Its a small but very forceful poem. Some of the lines which touched my heart are..

Aag bewajah kabhie ghar se nikalti nahin hai
toliyan jathe banakar cheekh kar yoon chalti nahin hain
raat ko bhi dekhne do aaj tum suraj ke jalwe
jab tapegi eeint tabhi hosh mein aayenge talwe
tod dala maun ka tala kisi ne
lo mashalon ko jala dala kisi ne.

To read the whole poem and listen it in the voice of Prasoon himself click here...

गुरुवार, अगस्त 04, 2011

Kishore da ke Janmdin par aayiye ek nazar dalein unke barsaati geeton par..

Hindi filmon men barasaati geeton ki paranpara rahi hai. nayak v nayika ke prem sanbandhon ko pragadh karne ke liye ye barish se achchhi sichueshan nirdeshakon ko mil hi nahin paati. aur jab maahaul roomani hoga to nayak ya nayika ka man bina gaaye kaise maanega? yahi vajah hai ki hindi filmon men ऍसे geet kai hain aur hamare sabhi agrani parshva gayak gaayikaon dvara gaaye ge hain. ab agar kishor da ki baat karen to unki gaayiki barish se jude vaise roomani geet jisamen chanchalta ya thode natakhatapan ki jaroorat ho, ke liye sarvatha upayukt thi. aaj kishor da ke janmadin ke avasar par aaiye dekhte hain  ki saavni geeton men unhonne apani gaayiki ke andaaj se kya mithas gholi?
1958 men aai film chalti ka nam gadi men majarooh saahab ka likha aur sachin dev barman dvara sangeet nirdeshit ye geet savan ki rat men kinhin do javaan dilon ki dhadakanen badha sakta hai.

ik ladaki bheegi-bhaagi si, soti raton ko jaagi si
mili ik ajanabi se,koi aage n peechhe
tum hi kaho ye koi baat hai
dil hi dil men jali jaati hai,bigadi bigadi chali aati hai
machali machali ghar se nikali, savan ki kali rat men
mili ik ajanabi se...

kishor da ne na sirf is film men gaayiki ke saath abhinaya kiya tha balki saath hi film ka nirman bhi. madhubala ke saath to ve pahle film 'dhake ka malamal' men kaam kar chuke the par madhubala ke saath unki pyar ki peenge isi film ki shooting ke dauraan shuru hui thin. so unki svabhavagat chanchalta aur madhubala ki shokh adaon ke saath unake bich ki kemistri ne is geet ka aanand aur bhi badha diya tha.

vaise jab tej hava ke saath barish ki jhamajhamaati boonde aa jaayen to man mayoos hokar bhala chup kab tak rahega.? aisi hi bhavna liye kishor da ka ek geet tha 1972 men pradarshit film anokha daan ke liye jise likha tha geetakar yogesh gaud ne aur dhun thi salil da ki.geet ka mukhade ke saath salil da ki patni savita chaudhari ki gaai ragini mood ko ekadam se tarotaja kar deti hai.

aai ghir ghir savan ki kali kali ghataen
jhoom jhoom chali bheegi bheegi havaayen
aise men man mere kuch to kaho
kuch to kaho chup na raho
ga ma pa ga sa ga sa ni sa dha dha ni s dh p m
re ga ma re ni re ni dh ni dh dha ni sa p dh

vaise bhi agar savan ki kali ghataaon ke saath saath ye geet sunaai de jaaye to man khud ba khud jhoomne lagata hai.

barish ke mausam se jude ekal geeton men to kishor da ke hunar ko aapane dekh liya. par aise mausam men jab nayak nayika ka saath ho to maahaul badalte der nahin lagti. yahi vajah rahi ki lata ji ke saath gaaye yugal geeton men kuch to bade lokapriya rahe. masalan 1973 men bani film jaise ko taisa men jeetendra v rina raay par filmaaye ge us geet ko yad karen jisake bol the

ab ke savan men ji dare
rimajhim barase pani gire
man men lage ik aag si

ya fir assi ke dashak ki film namakahalal men amitabh v smita paatil par filmaya geet aaj rapat jaayento hamen na bachiyo...ho. par mujhe lata va kishor ka barakha se juda sabse masti bhara geet lagata hai 1972 men bani film 'ajanabi' ka jise rajesh khanna v jeenat amaan ne apani khoobasoorat adaegi se aur yaadgaar bana diya tha
bheegi bheegi... raton men, meethi meethi... baaton men
aisi barasaato men, kaisa lagata hai?
aisa lagata hai tum banake baadal,
mere badan ko bhigo ke mujhe, chhed rahe ho
o chhed rahe ho
o, pani ke is rele men savan ke is mele men
chhat pe akele men kaisa lagata hai
aisa lagata hai,too banake ghata
apane sajan ko bhigo ke
khel khel rahi ho o khel rahi ho
pancham ke sangeet aur aanand bakshi ke bol is geet ki masti ko aur badha dete hain.

kishor da ne barish se jude sirf masti bhare geet gaaye aisa bhi nahin hai. jab jab geet ki sanvedanaayen badali kishor da ne bhi apani gaayiki men vaisa hi parivartan kiya. aise hi ek geet se juda ek kissa yad aata hai jise pancham ke ek elabam men suna tha

film mahabooba ke liye jab pancham ne kishor da ko mere naina savan bhado fir bhi mera man pyasa......gane ko kaha to kishor da ne mana kar diya aur kaha ki is geet ko pahle lata se gavao. lata ki aavaaz men gana rikard ho gaya. pancham ne kishor da ko bataya ki ye geet rag shivaranjani par aadhaarit hai. ab kishor da koi shastriya sangeet seekhe hue gayak nahin the. unhonne pancham se kaha ki rag ki ऍसी ki taisi tum mujhe rikarding sunao. kishor da us geet ko ek hafte tak lagataar sunte rahe. agale hafte jab vo rikarding ke liye aae to jis tarah se unhonne is geet ko gaya ki sab dng rah ge.

aur chalte-chalte baat savan se jude us geet ki jisaki melodi ne kya nai, kya purani sabhi peedhiyon ko apana prashansak bana rakha hai. ye geet aaj bhi redio par utna hi bajta hai jitana pahle baja karta tha. ji haan sahi pahachaana aapane main manjil ke geet rimajhim gire savan sulag sulag jaaye man, bheege aaj is mausam men lagi kesi ye agan ki hi baat kar raha hoon.

yogesh gaud ne kya geet likha tha! har antra lajavab. pancham ka sangeet, geet ki melodi aur kishor da ki gaayiki, is geet ko gunagunane ke liye har sangeet premi shakhas ko mazaboor kar deti hai. par jahan kishor da ke ye geet amitabh par ek mahafil men filmaya gaya vahin lata vala varjan munbai ki barish men shoot kiya gaya. kishor vaale varsan ki gunagunahat to main aapako suna deta hoon

baki amitabh aur mausami chatarji par filmaaye is geer ke doosare varjan ka ye vidio jaroor dekhen..

Ek Shaam Mere Naam par Kishore da lekhamala
  1. yaden kishor da kiah jinhonne mujhe gunagunana sikhaya..
  2. yaden kishor da kiah pachas aur sattar ke bich ka vo kathin daur...
  3. yaden kishor da kiah sattar ka madhur sangeet. ...
  4. yaden kishor da ki: kuch dilachasp kisse unki ajibogareeb shakhsiyat ke !..
  5. yaden kishor da kiah pancham, gulazaar aur kishor kya baat hai !
  6. yaden kishor da ki : kishor ke sahagayak aur unake yugal geet...
  7. yaden kishor da ki : ye dard bhara afasana, sun le anajaan zamana
  8. yaden kishor da ki : kya tha unka asali roop saathiyon evam patni lina chandraavarkar ki nazar men
  9. yaden kishor da ki: vo kal bhi paas-paas the, vo aaj bhi kareeb hain ..
  10. kishor da lekhamala ke sankalit aur sanpadit ansh

शुक्रवार, जुलाई 29, 2011

Munnawar Rana : Ghar Akela Ho Gaya !

Kareeb saal dedh saal pahle munnavar rana ki ek kitab kharidi thi.nam tha 'ghar akela ho gaya'.pichhale saal se main is kitab men rana ji ki likhi 112 ghazalon ko tukadon men padhta aaya hoon.shayari ki kitabon ke saath ek baat jo mainne mahasoos ki hai vo ye ki agar aap usaka poora lutf uthana chahate hain to ek baar men na padhein .har ghazal ka apana ek mood hota hai jo shayad pahle ki ghazal se bilkul na mel khata ho.isaliye padhtesamay man men uthate vichaaron pe nirantarta nahin aa paati.ek ghazal aapako kuch sochane par mazaboor karati hai to doosare ko padhte hi pahle vaale vichaar ekadam se gaddamagad ho jaate hain.

ab jabaki itane lanbe samay ke baad ye kitab nibatai ja chuki hai to socha aaj isake shayar aur is pustak ke baare men kuch baaten ho jaayen।

navanbar 1952 men rayabareli men janme munnavar rana ka poora nam 'saiyad munnavar ali rana' hai.sath ki umr ke paas pahunchte is shayar ke darjan bhar se jyada ghazal sangrah chhap chuke hain aur ye unki badhati lokapriyata ka saboot hain.munnavar saahab ne apani shayari men jis bhasha ka prayog kiya hai use samajhne ke liye aapako urdu ka prakaand pandit hone ki aavashyakta nahin.is maamale men main unakaki shayari ko basheer badra ki shayari ke kareeb paata hoon.par jab baat ghazal men vyakt kiye ge masayalon ki aati hai to ye samaanta khatm ho jaati hai.

Munnavar Rana ki shayari unake dil men desh ki siyasat ke prati unki nafarat ka ijahaar baar baar karati hai.munnavar ka manna hai ki rajaneeti men paith rakhne vaale pattharadil hain jo desh ki janta se kutton sa vyavahaar karte hain।

masalan in ashaaron ko dekhiye..

siyasat se adab ki dosti bemel lagti hai
kabhi dekha hai patthar pe bhi koi bel lagti hai।

ya fir...
hukoomat munh bharaai ke hunar se khoob vaakaif hai
ye har kutte ke aage shahi tukada dal deti hai।

rajaneeti men sarvavidit bhrashtaachaar ko bhi shayar aade haathon lete hue likhte hain..
vo shayar hon ki aalim hon ki tajir ya lutere hon
siyasat vo jua hai jisamen sab paise lagaate hain

munasib hai ki pahle tum aadamakhor ban jaao
kahin sansad men khane peene koi chaval dal jata hai

dangon men netaon ki bhoomika se munnavar aahat rahe hain.inka ye dard aur aakrosh in misaron men saf jhalakta hai

agar dangaiyon par tera bas nahin chalta
to sun le ai hukoomat ham tumhen namard kahate hain

mazahabi majadoor sab baithe hain inako kaam do
ek imarat shahar men kafi purani aur hai
khamoshi kab chikh ban jaaye kise maaloom hain
julm kar lo jab talak ye bezabani aur hai

apani kaum ko shak ki nigaah se dekhe jaane ka unamen rosh hai usaka andaaja aap unake is sher se laga sakte hain....
bas itani si baat par usane hamen balavaai likkha hai
hamare ghar ke baratan pe aaiesaai likkha hai

makabool shayar vali aasi saahab is pustak ki bhoomika men kahate hain ki munavvar rana ek dukhi aatma ka nam hai.munnavar ke dukhon ka kaaran kya hai? apne is mizaj ke baare men unki kalam khaud kya kahati hai vo padh len....
miyan main sher hoon sheron ki gurrahat nahin jaati
main lahaja narm bhi kar loon to jhunjhalahat nahin jaati
 main ek din bekhyali men kahin sach bol baitha tha
main koshish kar chuka hoon, munh ki kadavahat nahin jaati

Munnawar ji ke hridaya ki ye talkhiyan sirf siyasat aur netaon tak hi seemit nahin hai.masalan aakhair shayar ke dukhon ka kaaran kya hai?  ye dukh unki aaj ki jindagi se jude hain?

munnavar ki aaj ki jindagi ki rooparekha pustak men janab vali aasi saahab kuch yoon dete hain..

logon ko usaki zaindagi men badi chamak dikhaai deti hai.kalakatte aur dilli se poore mulk men faila hua usaka karobar, havai jahaajon, rail ke eyar kandishnad dibbon aur chamakti hui karon men usaka safar, sitaaron vaale hotalon men usaka kayam, usaka sukhi ghar sansaar, jahan usaki jeevan sangini, hansati hui gudiyon jaisi bachchiyan aur kilakariyan bharte hue fool jaise masoom aur chaand jese pyar bete ke aalava zaindagi ko aaram-o -asaaish se guzarne ke liye ne se naya aur achchhe se achchha saamaan maujood hai, lekin usaka sabse bada dukh gaanv se nata toot jaane ka hai.vah aur aise bahut se dukh use satate hain.

bahut zamana hua, gautam ne inhin dukhon se chhutakara paane ke liye sansaar ko tyag diya tha, lekin munachanavar rana ka dukh yah hai ki vah rat ke andhere men chup kar kahin na ja saka, vah sansaar ko tyag nahin saka, shayad yahi vajah hai ki usane shayari ke daman men panah dhoondh li aur apane dukhon ko is tarah hifazat se rakha jaise auraten apane gahane sanbhaal kar rakhati hain.

Wali saahab ki baat kitani sahi hai usaka andaza aap is kitab ko padh kar laga sakte hain।  desh men gaanv se shaharon ki or hota palayan, gaanvon aur shaharon men logon ke naitik moolyon men hota avamoolyan bhi shayar ko chintit karta hai aur ye chinta unake kai ashaaron men mukhar ho uthati hai.....

saza kitani badi hai gaanv se baahar nikalne ki
main mitti goonthta tha ab dabalaroti banata hoon

main apane gaanv ka mukhiya bhi hoon bachchon ka katil bhi
jala kar doodh kuch logon ki khatir ghi banata hoon

munnavar ji bhale hi aaj ek achchhe khase karobar ke malik hain par ye amiri unhonne garibi aur badahali ki jindagi se sangharsh kar paai hai। aapako jaankar hairani hogi  ki munnavar rana ke pita ek trak chaalak the। pita  ko kai baar kafi dinon ke liye baahar rahana padta aur unake lautne tak poora parivar khane ko bhi mohataj ho jaya karta tha।  munnavar ne gareeb aur ameer tabke ke jeevan ko kareeb se dekha hai.aaj ameeron  ke bich unka uthana baithana hai fir bhi vo inki jindagi ke khokhalepan v mukhiton ke andar ke charitra se vaakif hain.

mainne fal dekh ke insan ko pahachaana hai
jo bahut meethe hon andar se sade hote hain

labon par muskurahat dil men bezari nikalti hai
bade logon men hi aksar ye beemari nikalti hai

vahin apani jadon ko unki shayari kabhi nahin bhoolti.munnvar ki lekhani ki dhaar in ashaaron men spasht dikhati hai।

mainne dekha hai jahan mitti ke ghade rahate hain
kad men chhote hon magar log bade hote hain।

bhatakti hai havas din rat sone ki dukaanon men
garibi kaan chhidavaati hai tinka dal deti hai

so jaate hain futapaath pe akhabaar bichha kar
mazadoor kabhi nind ki goli nahin khate

munnavar saahab ki har kitab men aap maan se jude ashaaron ko prachurta se paayenge.gufatagu patrika ko haal hi men diye ge sakshatkar men jab unase isaki vajah poochhi gai to munnavar saahab ka javab tha

ghar ke kathin haalaaton ko dekhakar maan har vakt  baithi duaaen hi maangti rahati thi.mujhe bachapan men nind men chalne ki beemari thi.isi vajah se maan ratabhar jaagti thi, vo darati thin ki kahin rat men chalte hue kuen men jaakar n gir jaaoon.mainne maan ko hamesha dua maangate hi dekha hai isiliye unka kiradaar mere jehan men ghoomata rahata hai aur shayari ka vishaya banta hai।

ghar akela ho gaya men bhi ऍसे kai sher hain kuch ki baangee dekhiye

jab bhi kashti mere sailaab men aa jaati hai
maan dua ban kar mere khavab men aa jaati hai।

lipat jata hoon maan se aur mausi muskuraati hai
main urdu men ghazal kahata hoon hindi muskuraati hai

munnavar maan ke aage yoon kabhi khul kar nahin rona
jahan buniyad ho, itani nami achchhi nahin hoti

poori kitab men kai jagah aaj ke haalaaton ke madde nazar rana saahab ke ashaaron ki shakal men kiye ge chutile vyangya man ko moh lete hain।
kalam sone ka rakhne men koi buraai nahin lekin
koi tahareer bhi nikale to darabaari nikalti hai

munh ka maja badalne ke liye sunte hain vo ghazal
tebul ke daalamoth ki soorat hoon in dinon

har shakhas dekhne laga shak ki nigaah se
main paanch sau ke not ki soorat hoon in dinon

kul milakar agar aap ghazal ko prem kavya na maankar ek aisa madhyam maante hain jisake dvara shayar samaj se jude sarokaron ko saamane laaye to ye kitab aapke liye hai.chalte chalte is kitab ke sheershak ke nam munnavar rana saahab ka ye sher sunte jaiye

aisa lagata hai ki jaise khatm mela ho gaya
ud gai aangan se chidiya ghar akela ho gaya
pustak ke baare men
nam :ghar akela ho gaya
Moolya  :Rs. 125 only

prakashak : vani prakashan

मंगलवार, जुलाई 19, 2011

Suno aatankwadi..by Javed Akhtar

31 mahinon ka antaraal aur fir vahi bam dhamaka. is par munbaivasiyon ko grih mantri ki peeth thokani chaahiye ya fir oopar vaale ka shukriya ada karana chaahiye. itana to sahi hai ki shivaraj paatil ke zamane men aam janta men jo lachari aur nairashya ka bhaav charam par tha usamen pichhale kuch saalon men kafi kami aai thi. aaj chidambaram ke hisab se desh ka koi kona surakshit nahin hai. par ismen naya kya hai। rahul baba kahate hain ki ham aise haadason ko rok nahin sakte। mujhe inase asahamat hone ka koi kaaran nahin dikhta। ye sab to ham bharatavasi achchhi tarah jaante hi hain। par in hukmaranon ke munh se aisa sunana achchha nahin lagata.

agar rahul itani hi saafagoi baratana chahate the to unhen  ye bhi jodana chaahiye tha ki khaaskar tab jab yahin ke log baahari shaktiyon se mil jaayen . aisa pulis v khufiya tantra majaboot kar dene bhar se hi nahin hoga. usake liye spasht neetiyon ki aavashyakta hoti hai aur usase bhi adhik unhen tezi se karyanvit karne ki ickhha shakti.pichhale kai saalon se to yahi dekhta aaya hoon ki ye sarkaar do kadam aage badhati hai fir char kadam peechhe bhi hatati nazar aati hai.

aaj jab sarkaar ki or se mayoosi aur nirasha ke svar ubhar rahe hain to mujhe javed akhtar saahab ki do saal pahle munbai hamale ki barsi par likhi ye nazam yad aa rahi hai jo nirasha ke is maahaul men bhi hamari ummeed aur hausle ko jagaaye rakhati hai. javed saahab ne is nazam men vahi bhavanaayen, vahi aakrosh vyakt kiya hain hai jo aise haadason ke baad hamare jaise aam jan apane dil men mahasoos karte hain..

mujhe poora yaki hain ki javed saahab ki aavaaz men jab aap ye nazam sunenge to bahut der tak unake kahe shabd aapke dilo dimaag ko jhinjhod kar rakh denge..

mahaveer aur buddh ki,
nanak aur chishti ki,aur gaandhi ki dharati par,
main jab aatnk ke aise nazaare dekhta hoon to,
main jab apani zamin par apane logon ke lahu ke bahate dhaare dekhta hoon to,
mere kanon men jab aati hain un mazaboor gam se larazati maaon ki chikhen,
ki jinake bete yah kahakar ge the, shaam se pahle hi ghar laut aaenge ham to,
main jab bhi dekhta hoon sooni aur ujadi hui maangen,
ye sab hairaan se chehare, ye sab bheengi hui aankhen,
to meri aankhen harasu dhoondhati hain un darindon ko,
jinhonne tren men, bas men, jinhonne sadako men, baajaron men bam aake hain fode,
jinhonne aspatalon par bhi apani goliyan barasaai, mandir aur masjid tak nahin chhode,
jinhonne mere hi logon ke khoon se mere shaharon ko rnga hai,
vo jinka hona hi haivaniyat ki intaha hai,
mere logon jo tum sabaki tamanna hai, vahi meri tamanna hai,
ki in jaise darindon ki har ek saazish ko main nakaam dekhoon,
jo hona chaahiye inka main vo anjaam dekhoon ,
magar kanoon aur insaf jab anjaam ki jaanib inhen le ja rahe hon to,
main inamen se kisi bhi ek se ik baar milna chahta hoon.

mujhe yah poochhana hai,
door se dekhoon to tum bhi jaise ek insan lagate ho,
tumhaare tan men fir kyoon bhediyon ka khoon bahata hai ?
tumhari saans men saanpon ki ye funkar kabse hai ?
tumhari soch men yah zahar hai kaisa ?
tumhen duniya ki har neki har ik achchhaai se inkar kabse hai?
tumhari zindagi itani bhayanak aur tumhari aatma aatnk se beemaar kabse hai?

suno aatankavadi,
mujhe gussa bhi aata hai, taras bhi aata hai tum par,
ki tum to bas pyaade ho,
jinhonne hai tumhen aage badhaya vo khilaadi door baithe hain,
bahut chalak bante hain, bahut magaroor baithe hain,
zara samajho, zara samajho, tumhari dushmani ham se nahin hain,
jahan se aae ho mudakar zara dekho, tumhara asali dushman to vahin hain,
vo jinake haath men kathputaliyon ki tarah tum khele,
vo jinake kahane par tumane bahaaye khoon ke rele,
tumhaare to hai vo dushman, jinhonne nafaraton ka yah sabak tumako rataya hai,
tumhaare to hai vo dushman jinhonne tumako aise raaste men la ke chhoda hai,
jo raasta aaj tumako maut ke daravaze laya hai,
yah ek dhokha hai, ek andher hai, ek loot hai samajho,
jo samajhaya gaya hai tumako vo sab jhooth hai samajho,

koi pal bhar n ye samajhe ki main zazabaat men bas yoon hi bahata hoon,
mujhe maaloom hai vo sun rahe hain jinase kahata hoon,
abhi tak vakat hai jo pattiyan aankhon ki khul jaayen,
abhi tak vakat hai jo nafaraton ke daag dhul jaayen,
abhi tak vakat hai hamane koi bhi had nahin todi,
abhi tak vakat hai hamane ummeed ab tak nahin chhodi,
abhi tak vakat hai chaho to ye mausam badal jaayen,
abhi tak vakat hai jo dosti ki rasm chal jaaye,
koi dildar banake aae to dildar ham bhi hain,
magar jo dushmani thahari to fir taiyaar ham bhi hain.

 taki sanad rahe

शनिवार, जुलाई 09, 2011

Raat Hai Kuch Bheengi Bheengi...Chand Hai Kuchh Maddham Maddham...

Barish ke mausam ko dhyaan men rakhte hue kuch dinon pahle mainne lata ji ka gaya film 'parakh' ka geet sunavaya tha. barish ka mausam abhi thama nahin hai. ab aaj mere shahar ka mausam dekhiye na. baahar thndi bayaren to hai hi aur unki sangat men barish ki reshami fuhaar bhi hai. to is bheegi rat men bheenga bheenga sa roomaniyat se bhara ik nagma ho jaaye.

aaj ka ye nagma mainne chuna hai film 'mujhe jeene do' se jo san 1963 men pradarshit hui thi. isake sangeetakaar the Jaidevsaahab. vaise kya aapako pata hai ki Jaidevpahali baar pandrah saal ki umr men ghar se bhagkar munbai aae the to unka sapana ek film abhineta banane ka tha. yahan tak ki bataur bal kalakar unhonne saat aath filmen ki bhi. par pita ke achaanak nidhan ne unake kairiyar ki disha hi badal di. ghar ki jimmevariyan sanbhaalne ke liye Jaidevludhiyana aa ge. bahan ki shadi kara lene ke baad Jaidevne chalis ke dashak men lakhanoo ke ustad akabar ali se sangeet ki shiksha li. Jaidevne pahle unake liye aur baad men es di barman jaise sangeetakaar ke sahaayak ka kaam kiya. Jaidevka durbhaagya raha ki unake anoothe sangeet nirdeshan ke baavajood unki bahut saari filmen jaise reshama v shera, aalaap,gaman v anakahi nahin chalin. par 'mujhe jeene do' aur 'ham donon' ne unhen vyavasayik safalta ka munh dikhalaya.

Jaidev shastriya sangeet ke achchhe jaanakar the. unake rachit geet aksar kisi na kisi raag par aadhaarit hua karte the. 'mujhe jeene do' ka ye geet 'raag dhani' par aadhaarit hai. vastutah raag dhani, raag maalakos se nikala hua raag hai. shastriya sangeet ke jaanakar raag dhani ko raag maalakos ka roomani , mithas bhara roop maante hain. 

par ye geet agar itana madhur v surila ban pada hai to usamen Jaidevke sangeet se kahin adhik sahir ludhiyanavi ke bolon aur lata ji ki gaayiki ka haath tha.  sahir ke baare men ye kaha jata tha ki vo maante the ki geet ke lokapriya hone men sabse bada haath geetakar ka hota hai. isi vajah se kisi bhi film men kaam karne ke pahle unki shart hoti thi ki unka paarishramik sangeetakaar se ek rupaya jyada rahe.

vaise sahir ki shayari isaki hakadaar bhi thi. ab isi geet ko len . shabdon ke doharav ka kitana khoobasoorat prayog kiya hai sahir ne geet ke har antre men. pahle antre men sahir likhte hain
tum aao to aankhen kholen
soi hui paayal ki chham chham
ab aap hi bataiye, ek muzarevali isase behatar kin lafajon se mahafil men aae apane prashansakon ka dil jeet sakti hai? aur geet ke teesara antre men istemaal kiye ge prakritik roopakon ko sunkar todil se bas vaah vaah hi nikalti hai. zara in panktiyon par gaur faramaayen

tapate dil par yoon girati hai
teri nazar se pyar ki shabanam
jalte hue jangal par jaise
barakha barase ruk-ruk tham-tham

vaise to shokh aur chanchal geeton ke liye aasha taai kai sangeetakaron ki pahali pasand hua karati thin par yahan lata ji ne bhi apani gaayiki men geet ke haav bhaavon ko badi khoobasoorati se pakada hai. masalan jab lata hosh men thodi behoshi hai..gaati hain to lagata hai bas ab moorchhit ho hi gayeen.

to aaiye sunte hain is geet ko lata ji ki surili aavaaz men

rat bhi hai kuch bheegi-bheegi
chaand bhi hai kuch maddham-maddham
tum aao to aankhen kholen
soi hui paayal ki chham chham

kisako bataayen kaise bataayen
aaj ajab hai dil ka aalam
chain bhi hai kuch halka halka
dard bhi hai kuch maddham maddham
chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham

tapate dil par yoon girati hai
teri nazar se pyar ki shabanam
jalte hue jangal par jaise
barakha barase ruk-ruk tham-tham
chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham
hosh men thodi behoshi hai
behoshi men hosh hai kam kam
tujhako paane ki koshish men
donon jahan se kho hi ge ham
chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham, chham-chham

film men ye geet filmaya gaya tha vahida ji aur suneel datt par

रविवार, जुलाई 03, 2011

Gopal Das Neeraj ke kuchh pasandeeda 'Muktak'

Gopal Das Neeraj ki kavitaon aur anki kuch pasandida gajalon ko pahle bhi pesh kar chuka hoon. par Neeraj ka kavya sansaar unki kavitaon aur ghazalon tak hi seemit nahin hai. urdu rubaaiyon ke andaaj men unhonne jo chand panktiyan likhin unhonne usako 'muktak' ka nam diya. aur kya kamaal ke muktak likhe hain Gopal Das Neeraj ji ne..

prasiddh kavya sameekshak sherajng garg ne Neeraj ke muktakon ki lokapriyata ke baare men likhte hain..

Neeraj ke muktak behisaab saraahe ge. iska ek kaaran Neeraj ki mili juli ganga jamuni bhasha thi. jise samajhne ke liye shabdakosh ulatne ki jaroorat nahin thi. ismen hindi ka sanskar tha to urdu ki zindadili in donon khoobiyon ke saath Neeraj ke andaje bayan ne apana hunar dikhaya aur unake muktak bhi geetikaon ke samaan yaadgaar aur marmasparshi ban ge.

aaj Neeraj ke likhe apane pasandida muktakon se aapaka parichay karata hoon. aasha hai ye aap ko bhi utne hi pasand aaenge jitane mujhe aate hain...

kafan badha to kis liye nazar too dabadaba gai?
singar kyon saham gaya bahaar kyon laja gai?
n janm kuch n mrityu kuch bas itani sirf baat hai ‌
kisi ki aankh khul gai, kisi ko nind aa gai.

khushi jisane khoji vah dhan le ke lauta,
hansi jisane khoji chaman le ke lauta,
magar pyar ko khojane jo chala vah
n tan le ke lauta, n man le ke lauta.

rat idhar dhalti to din udhar nikalta hai
koi yahan rukta to koi vahan chalta hai
deep au patnge men fark sirf itana hai
ek jalke bujhta hai, ek bujhake jalta hai

ban ge hukkaam ve sab joki beimaan the,
ho ge lidar ki dum jo kal talak darabaan the,
mere malik ! aur bhi to sab hain sukhi tere yahan,
sirf ve hi hain dukhi jo kuch n bas insan the.

chhedane par maun bhi vachal ho jata hai, dost !
tootne par aaina bhi kaal ho jata hai dost
mat karo jyada havan tum aadami ke khoon ka
jalke kala koyla bhi lal ho jata hai dost !

chalte chalte gopal das Neeraj dvara apani kavya rachanaaon par likhi baat uddhrit karana chahoonga
jab likhne ke liye likha jata hai tab jo kuch likha jata hai usaka nam hai gadya. par jab likhe bina n raha jaaye aur jo khud khud likh jaaye to usaka nam hai kavita. mere jeevan men kavita likhi nahin gai. khud likh likh gai hai, aise hi jaise pahadon par nirjhar aur foolon par oos ki kahani.

शुक्रवार, जून 24, 2011

Zeb and Hania in a beautiful Pashtu Song Paimona..

Coke Studio ye nam suna hai aapane. agar aap film sangeet ke itar lok sangeet v fusion men ruchi rakhte hain aur antarajaal par sakriya hain to jaroor suna hoga. vaise bhi sangeet ka ye karyakram Brazil aur Pakistan ka vicharan karte hue pichhale shukravar se MTV India ka bhi hissa ho gaya hai. Haalanki isake bharateeya sanskaran ki pahali kadi utani asardaar nahin rahi jitani ki saamaanyatah Coke Studio pakistan ki prastuti raha karati hai. par bharat men is tarah ke karyakram ko kisi sangeet chainal aur vo bhi MTV ki ye pahal nishchay hi sahi disha men uthaya ek kadam hai.

Khaair aaj main aapako ek aise lokageet se roobaru kara raha hoon jise sattar ke dashak men afaganistan men racha gaya. pashtu bhasha men rache is geet ko gaya hai Zeb ne aur unake saath men hain haniya.  (Zeb and Haniya) 

Pakistan ki paidaish pakistan ke uttar pashchim pashtoon ilake se hai. pakistan men in do chacheri bahanon ne pahla ladakiyon ka baind banaya. jeb gaati hain aur haaniya gitar vaadak hain. pakistan men is baind ka ek geet 'chup' behad charchit raha tha.

is pashtooni lokagit ki shuruaat men jo vaadya yantra bajta hai vo kisi bhi sangeetapremi shrota ke man ke tar jhankrit kar sakta hai. is vaadya yantra ka nam hai roobaab. rubaab afaganistan ke do rashtriya vaadya yantron men se ek hai aur afagani shastriya sangeet men isaki upasthiti anivarya mani jaati hai. geet ka shuruaati ek minute isaki tan men kho sa jata hai aur fir peechhe se ubharta hai jeb ka madhur svar.  

pichhale saal meri ek mitra ne mujhe jab  Coke Studio pakistan ke karyakram men prasaarit is geet ke baare men bataya to mujhe utsukta hui ki aakhair rubaab ki madhur dhun ke aalava gaayika ne is geet men kya kahana chaha hai? to aaiye geet ka aanand len ismen vyakt bhavanaaon ke saath

paimona bedeh ke khumar asatam
man aashik e chashme maste yar asatam
bedeh bedeh ke khumar asatam
paimona bedeh ke khumar asatam
saki sharab ka pyala le aao . aaj main is jaam ki khumari men apane aap ko dubo lena chahta hoon. tumhari nasheeli aankhen mujhe tumhara deevana bana rahi hain. lao lao ki isaki khaumari main main apane aap ko kho dena chahta hoon.

chashmat ke baahu e khutan memonaaye
rooyat ba gulaab haay chaman memonaaye
gul rob e kunaid varak varak bu e kunaid
ba lala e zaar e be vatan minyarat
paimona bedeh ke khumar.... asatam

kya tumhe pata hai ki tumhari aankhen mere dil ke bagiche men roshni bhar deti hain. tumhara chehara mere dil ke baag ke sabhi gulabon ko khila deta hai. sach poochho to tumhara ye chehara mere dil ki bagiya men rang bharta hai, unki pankhudiyon men sugandh ka sanchaar karta hai.

aj omadaan e tagar khabar men dastan
pesh e kadamaat kocha ra gul men koshtam
gul men koshtam gul e gulaab men koshtam
khak e kadamaat pad e dam e vaadashtam
paimona bedeh ke khumar.... asatam

sochta hoon jab tumhaare pavitra kadamon ki aahat is hridaya ko sunaai degi, tab main tumhaare raaste men dil ke in foolon ko kaaleen ki tarah bichha doonga. charon or fool bichhe honge..gulaab ke fool aur un foolon ke bich padati tumhaare charanon ki dhool men main khud ko nyochhavar kar doonga.

to prem men rasasikta is geet ko suna aapane. aapako kya laga ki ye kisi premika ke liye ek premi ke hridaya ka krandan hai. zahir si baat hai shaabdik taur par ye geet to hamse yahi kahata hai aur yahi sahi bhi hai .

par ye batana jaroori hai ki ye geet vaastav men ek soofi geet se prerit hain . darasal mool geet jisamen kai chhand hain ko mashahoor soofi kavi umar khayyam ne gyarahavin shatabdi men likha tha. darasal soofi santon ne apane likhe geeton men sharab aur saki ko roopakon ki tarah istemaal kiya hai. maje ki baat ye hai ki in santon ne kabhi madira ko haath bhi nahin lagaya.

soofi vicharadhara men bhakt aur bhagavaan ka sambandh ek aashiq ka hota hai jise ooparavaale ki nazar e inayat ka besabri se intazaar hota hai. saki saundarya ka vo pratimaan hai jo use ishwar ke prem men doobane ko udyat karati hai. soofi sahitya men kahin kahin is saki ko alaukik data ki sangya di gai hai jo ham sabhi ko zidagi roopi madira ka paan karati hai.

Coke Studio ke karyakram men aap jeb aur haaniya ko dekh sakte hain saath men bajte rubaab ke saath...

Ek shaam mere Naam par lok geeton ki bahaar

शनिवार, जून 11, 2011

O Sajna Barkha Bahar Aayi : Lata Mangeshkar. sweet & melodious rain song

Waise to maansoon kerala men dhoom macha raha hai par thodi thodi hi sahi barish ki kabhi halki aur kabhi tez fuharen yahan bhi man ko gudaguda jaroor rahi hain. shayad isi mausam ka asar hai ki idhar kuch dinon se men lata ji ka film parakh ke liye gaya ye atyant madhur geet baraha hothon par aa raha hai. aaj socha kyoon na barish ki ladiyon se bheenge geet ki sondhi mahak se aapako bhi sarabor karoon.

chitra chhayakar : beji jaisan

Lata ji ke gaaye geet ko sunane ke baad bas dil men ek bhavna rah jaati hai..kuch adbhut sa mahasoos kar lene ki। geetakar shailaindra ke shabd barish ki roomaniyat men vikal hoti taruni ke man ko badi khoobasoorati se padhte hain. vaise bhi barish ki fuharen jab hamare aas paas ki prakriti ko apane svachh jal se dho kar hara bhara karne lagti hain to unhen dekh kar hare bhare pedon ki tarah apani hi masti men kisi ka dil bhi jhoomne lage to usamen usaka kya dosh. aur fir, ye hridaya to ek virahani ka hai to vo to jalega hi... saajan ke prem ko aatur ankhiya to tarasengi hi..

yahan ye batana jaroori hoga ki is geet ko sadhana par filmaya gaya tha. par ye sadhana, 'saadhanacut' ke pahle ki saadhana thin. saadagi se bhare saundarya ki pratimoorti. is film ko dekhanevaale jab bhi is geet ki baat karte hain unake man men saadhana ki ye pyari chhavi bhi jaroor ubharati hai। aap bhi dekhiye ..

o sajana barakha bahaar aai
ras ki fuhaar laai
ras ki fuhaar laai, ankhiyon me pyar laai
o sajana barakha bahaar aai
ras ki fuhaar laai, ankhiyon me pyar laai
o sajana ...

tumako pukare mere man ka papihara
tumako pukare mere man ka papihara
meethi meethi agani men, jale mora jiyara
o sajana ...

aisi rimajhim men o sajan, pyase pyase mere nayan
tere hi, khwab men, kho ge...
aisi rimajhim men o sajan, pyase pyase mere nayan
tere hi, khwab men, kho ge

saanvali saloni ghata, jab jab chhaai
saanvali saloni ghata, jab jab chhaai
ankhiyon men raina gai, nindiya n aai
o sajana ...

is geet ke sangeetakaar the salil chaudhari. purane daur ke geeton ka bhi apana adaaz tha. isi geet ko len. geet ki shuruaat pe gaur karen barish ki boondon ke saath kito patangon ka shor sirf char sekend tak hi bajta hai par tab tak aapaka man varshamaya ho chuka hota hai. aur fir sitaar ki dhun ekadam se aa jaati hai. ek baar lata ji ka divya svar kanon men padta hai to man geet ke bolon men ramane lagata hai ki table ki thaap aur ant men aata pashchimi shastriya andaaz liye koras bilkul gaun ho jaate hain. salil da ne lata ji ko jis andaaz men aisi rimajhim men o sajan, pyase pyase mere nayan, tere hi, khwab men, kho ge gavaya hai vo gane ki khoobasoorati ko aur badha deta hai.

salil da us zamane men bhi aaj ke daur ki tarah pahle dhunen banate the aur baad men us par geet likhavaate the. unhonne apani kai dhunon ka istemaal bengali aur hindi dono bhashaon ke geeton ke liye kiya. yaani dhun ek aur geet ke bhaav alag alag. parakh film ke is geet ki dhun bhi unhonne pahle is bengaali geet ke liye rachi thi jise lata ji ne hi gaya tha . to aaiye vo geet bhi sunte chalen...

'ek shaam mere nam' par sangeet par mausam 'baarishana'

शुक्रवार, जून 03, 2011

Ibne Insha aur chand ke tamannayi..

chaand ki 'tamanna' karne vaale shayaron ki kabhi kami nahin rahi. ab gulzar ki hi baat karen unake geet hon ya nazamen ghoom fir kar baat chaand par hi aa tikti hai। par har baar vo chaand ko ek alag hi andaaz bhinna bhinna roopakon men is khoobasoorati se hamare samaksh rakhte hain ki kuch doharaya hua sa nahin lagata. baat gar pakistani shayaron ki ho to chaand premi shayaron men ibne insha bhi aage khade dikhaai dete hain. chaand ibne insha ke priya pratikon men to tha hi unhonnen chaand ko kendrabindu men rakhakar kai nazamen  kahin। masalan katik ka chaand, usi chaand ki khoj men, udas rat ke aangan men, us aangan ka chaand. par ibne insha ki chaand par kahi nazamon men mujhe chaand ke tamannaai padhna sabse zayada sukoon deta hai.

 chitra saujanya

to chaliye aaj aapako roobaru karavate hain ibne insha ki is pyari nazam se pahle isake bhaavon se aur fir apani aavaaz se.....

shahar-e-dil ki galiyon men
shaam se bhatakte hain
chaand ke tamannaai
bekaraar saudaai
dilagudaaz tariki
jaangudaaz tanhaai
ruh-o-jaan ko dasati hai
ruh-o-jaan men basati hai

ye dil ek chalta firta shahar hi to hai jis ki galiyon men dil o jaan ko pighalane vala andhera hai. ur usamen pasari hai door door tak faili tanhaai jo us hansi chaand ki khoj men baavle hue dilon ko andar hi andar khaaye ja rahi hai.

shahar-e-dil ki galiyon men...
tak-e-shab ki belon par
shabanami sarishkon ki
bekaraar logon ne
beshumaar logon ne
yaadgaar chhodi hai
itani baat thodi hai ?
sadahazaar baaten thin
sooraton ki jaebai
kamaton ki ranaai
in syaah raton men
ek bhi n yad aai
ja-b-ja bhatakte hain
kis ki raah takte hain
chaand ke tamannaai

dil ki in vaadiyon ne vo vasant bhi dekha tha jab inhin galiyon se tarah tarah ke banaav shrringar ke saath vo khoobasoorat chehare gujra karte the. raat ki ugti belon par in hasi cheharon ki yaden os ki boonde ban kar aaj bhi ubhara karati hain। par vo din to kabke beet ge. aaj to is dil men ek ajeeb si veerani hai। par man hai ki bhatakna chahta hai is ummeed men shayad vo chaand fir dikhe...

ye nagar kabhi pahle
is qadar n veeran tha
kahane vaale kahate hain
kariya-e-nigaran tha
khaair apane jeene ka
ye bhi ek saamaan tha

aaj dil men veerani
abr ban ke ghir aai
aaj dil ko kya kahiye
baavafa n harajaai
fir bhi log deevaane
aa ge hain samajhane
apani vahshat-e dil ke
bun liye hain afsane
khushakhayal duniya ne

dil roopi ye nagar itana khali khali kabhi na tha. ye to ek pyara sa gaanv tha jisamen zaindagi hansi khushi basar ho rahi thi। aaj man roopi aakash men ek tarah ki shoonyata hai jise udaasi ke baadalon ne charon or se gher rakha hai। hridaya ke is khali ghade men na to pyar ki koi jyot jal rahi hai aur na hi bevafaai se upaji peeda. par logon ka kya hai vo to dil ke is mijaaz ko bhaanpe bina apani khamakhayali se kitani kahaniyan gadhte ja rahe hain।

garmiyan to jaati hain
vo ruten bhi aati hain
jab malool raton men
doston ki baaton men
ji n chain paayega
aur oob jaayega
aahaton se goonjegi
shahar-e-dil ki pinhaai
aur chaand raton men
chaandani ke shaidaai
har bahaane nikalenge
aazmaane nikalenge
aaraju ki giraai
dhoondhane ko rusavaai
sard sard raton ko
zard chaand bakhshega
behisaab tanhaai
behijab tanhaai
shahar-e-dil ki galiyon men...
shaam se bhatakte hain
chaand ke tamannaai

mausam beetate jaate hain। garmiyan sardiyon men tabdeel ho gayi hain। par raaten to vahi hain jinamen ab sannaton ki goonj hai। dil un gamageen raton men  doston ki sohabat me bhi sukoon nahin paata। chaandani raton men chaand ki aas rakhne vaale ye ekaki man isi tanhaai men apane aap ko dubo lena chahate hain। apane jazabaaton ko fir se tatolna chahate hain। shayad sardiyon ka ye peela chaand unake man ki ye muraad poori kare। vaise bhi us chaand se tanaha bhala aur kaun hai?

बुधवार, अप्रैल 27, 2011

Panchan aur unki 'Mada'l tarang...

Pancham da ek aise sangeetakaar the jo sangeet sanyojan men nit naye prayog kiya karte the. vaise to pancham, kishor aur gulazaar ki tikadi ke jaane kitane hi geet sattar ke dashak ke mere sarvapriya geeton men rahe hain par unake kuch geet aise hain jo unamen prayukt dhunon aur taalon ki vajah se yaadon se kabhi door nahin hote. aaj 1978 men bani film 'ghar' ka aisa hi geet yad aa raha hai jiska mukhada aur saath men bajte 'madal' ki anoothi tal aur usake saath spainish gitar ka adbhut sanyojan geet ko ek alag hi pahachaan deta tha. ye geet tha svar kokila lata mangeshkar ka gaya nagma tere bina jiya jaaye na.... to isase pahle ki main aap ko ye bataoon ki pancham da ne is geet men naya kya kiya tha, ye jaan lena jaroori hoga ki aakhir madal vaadya yantra hai kya?

madal bharat ke anya paaranparik tal vaadyon ki tarah hi dikhta hai par hai ye nepal ki bhoomi men panapa vaadya yantra, jiska vahan ke pahadi log lok geeton men prayog karte the. bharat ke uttar poorvi ilakon aur uttar bangal men bhi iska prayog hota raha. dholak aur pakhavaj ki tarah hi madal ko donon taraf se bajaya jata hai par inki tulna men madal chhota aur halka hota hai. isake bade vaale chhor se neeche ke sur nikalte hain jabaki chhote vaale chhor se oopar ke.

pancham ko is nepaali vaadya yantra se parichit karane ka shreya nepal ke madal vaadak ranjeet gazmer ko jata hai jinhen pancham 'kaanchabhai' bhi kahate the. pancham da ko is vaadya yantra se kitana lagaav tha ye isi baat se spasht hai ki unhonne kaanchabhai ko apani aarkestra ka sthayi sadasya bana diya tha.

vividh bharti par pancham ki sangeet yatra vaale karyakram men aasha v gulazaar ji se is geet men kiye ge apane prayog ke baare men baat karte hue pancham ne kaha tha..

ye badi majedaar cheez hai. jis sur men gane ki pankti khatm hoti ho, usi sur men... usi sur ka tabla baje. jaise hamare yahan tabla tarang hai to ham logon ne koshish ki ki use madal tarang men bajaya jaaye...
yaani jis tarah tabla tarang men ek saath kai tabalon ko alag alag suron men laga kar ek saath bajaya jata hai vaisa hi yahan madal ke saath kiya gaya. madal tarang ko dekhna chahate hon to yahan dekh sakte hain.

pancham ne is geet ke aaranbhik tees sekend men jo gitar ki dhun pesh ki hai use jab bhi main sunta hoon ise baar baar sunane ka dil karta hai aur fir geet ke pachasaven sekend ke baad se pancham ki madal par ki gai kalakari (jiska oopar jikra kiya gaya) sunane ko milti hai aur man pancham ko unki bemisaal pratibha ke liye dad diye bina nahin maanta. geet sunane ke baad bhi geet ka mukhada aur pancham ki dhun ghanton dilo dimaag par apana asar banaaye rakhati hai. oopar ki rikarding men aapane lata ke saath kishor ko bhi ek alag tarike se gaate suna. aaiye ab sunte hain lata ji dvara gaya ye nagma.

tere bina jiya jaaye na
bin tere tere bin saajana
saans men saans aae na
tere bina ...

jab bhi khayalon men too aae
mere badan se khushabu aae
mahake badan men raha n jaaye
raha jaaye na, tere bina ...

reshami raaten roz

n hongi
ye saugaaten roz n hongi
zaindagi tujh bin ras n aae
ras aae na, tere bina ...

chalte chalte pancham aur unake madal prem se juda ek aur kissa batata chaloon. 1974 men ek film aai thi 'ajnabi'. pancham ko usake geet record karne the. par hua yoon ki theek usi waqt film jagat men saajakaron ki hadatal ho gai. intaralyoods men sangeet sanyojan men aarkestra ka hona tab ek aam baat thi. ab gana to rikard hona tha to kiya kya jaaye. par pancham to aakhir pancham the. unhonne ek raasta dhoondh nikaala. pancham ne geet ke antre men bajte madal ke ridam yaani tal ko intaralyoods men bhi barakaraar rakha aur saath men jod di tren ki aavaaz aur gana ho gaya supar hit. aap samajh rahe hain na kis geet ki baat ho rahi hai? ji haan ye geet tha lata v kishor ki yugal aavaaz men gaya nagma ham donon do premi duniya chhod chale...