रविवार, अप्रैल 21, 2013

ESMN April Posts : Gulzar, Mehdi Hassan, Blog Anniversary and more

So what happened on Ek Shaam Mere Naam during last month. After completion of Annual Musical Countdown for the year 2012 it was time to discuss a bit of poetry and literature.

Gulzar and Vivek Ranade combined to produce a magical Calendar for the year 2013. Vivek Ranade's superb pics (related to the ways we use our good old newspaper) were given a new dimension by Gulzar's poetry. If you have not seen the calendar do see it here in my article Raddi Ka Akhbaar Aur Gulzar with my take on it.

I was avid reader of noted Bangla writer Bimal Mitra. His simple writing style and interesting plots always made me finish his novels in a few days. But recently when I read his book Aur Ek Yudhisthir , it disappointed me. If u want to know why read on..

Mehdi Hassan is always a class act when it comes to Ghazal singing. Incidentally while tuning to a cricket commentary quarter century ago I first heard Meer's soulful Ghazal Dekh to Dil ki Jaan se uthta hai..Ye Dhuan sa kahan se uthta hai. Read my memoirs of the ghazal along with meaning of this great ghazal in my article Cricket, Radio Aur Mehdi Hassan  :Dekh to Dil ki Jaan se uthta hai. You will be surprised to know that this Ghazal was used in one of the masterpiece of Hindi Film Cinema Pakeezah. Do you know who sang this version ? It was Naseem Bano Chopra.

Mehdi Hassan & Naseem Bano Chopra

And lastly your favourite blog has completed 7 years of its existence. Here is Birthday Celebration post with synopsis of top 10 read post during last year.