शनिवार, जून 02, 2012

Phir koyi phool khila chahat na kaho usko : Are you a pessimist ?

I don't know whether you are an optimist or pessimist but in my childhood this question haunted me very much. Though I never considered my self pessimist but I also do not like to wear the tag of eternal optimist. Years passed and at last I founded something which was closer to my nature

"Success or failure..I will  always be pleasantly surprised rather than bitterly disappointed." 

So I always weighed my dreams in realm of reality & put success and failure in above perspective. But why I am sharing these things to you. Just because the song I am playing today conveys similar motions. 
Phir koyi  phool khila chahat na kaho usko i.e. Blooming of flowers do not always mean that love is in the air.

The trio of Manna Dey , Kapil Kumar & Kanu Roy made this song memorable to us. Loved the use of the sitar in the song and the way Manna Da has sung it. Want to know more about lyricist and composer?