रविवार, जुलाई 14, 2013

Ek Shaam Mere Naam June Posts : Urdu ki Aakhri Kitab, Poems of Hariodh & Talat Mahmood's Jalte Hain Jiske Liye

Last month I finished a hilarious book of Ibne Insha. The book includes some very thought provoking but at the same time quite funny perspective with which Insha ji looks at our History, partition era , present political set up and decreasing social values. You can read my review on the book in two parts here..

  1. Urdu ki Aakhri Kitab : Insha ji ka anootha vyangya sangrah

  2. Insha ji ki Nazaron se dekhiye Bharat ka Itihaas aur suniye ek mazedar Kahani. 

Ayodhya Singh Upadhyay 'Hariodh's ' poems always attracted me  during my school days because of their simplicity and inherent deep meaning. It was always a pleasure to read out his poems because of beauty they possessed. I have selected two of his well known  poem and recited them on my Hindi blog. The poems were Boond and; Tinka.

Do listen these poems here ..
Khadiboli ke  Sardaar : Ayodhya Singh Upadhyay Hariodh

Those who love the era of music in 50's and 60's, will never forgot the velvet vibrating voice of Talat Mehmood. I remembered him by presenting his evergreen (and my favourite) no. Jalte Hain Jiske Liye Teri Aankhon Ke Diye...

Last month I also updated my Book List with additional feature of my own impressions as ratings. 

Do check out my post Kitabon se kabhie guzro to yoon kirdaar milte hain for that...