Thursday, December 01, 2011

Saiffudin Saif....: Jab tere Shahar Se Guzarta Hoon..A podcast in my voice...

Saiffudin Saif.... I didn't know  much about the poet until I happened to listen to Garche sou baar gham e hijra se jaan gujri hai..phir bhi dil pe jo guzarni thi kahan guzri hai in the soothing voice of Runa Laila.  As I started searching about Saif I found that he was a well known poet in Amritsar in pre partition era. After independence he moved to Pakistan and became part of film industry there. He wrote several memorable lyrics. If you are interested in reading more about Saif Click Here.

Some of his songs are even popular to this date. It is a well known fact that Saif was heart broken when his lady love left him to go to another city. In her memory Saif wrote jab tere shahar se guzarta hoon... Its a long nazm but when one goes through it,  the reader gets the glimpses of emotional upheaval which the poet had gone through.. I have written the whole nazm here in Hindi. 

If you are not familiar to the language , listen to my recitation of the nazm.