Saturday, December 24, 2011

Main chamaron ki gali tak le chaloonga aapko ...Adam Gondvi (1947-2011)

Adam Gondvi is no more. Suffering from Liver cirrhosis he died last week in a hospital in Lucknow. Adam always voiced his anger against rampant corruption in politics and helplessness of the poor people in our system. He was a person who loved villages and lived like a villager throughout his life.Two of his books Samay Se Muthbhed & Dharti ki Satah Par were quite popular.

Critics regarded him as the torchbearer of Hindi Ghazals after Dushyant Kumar. In fact Adam was more terse and specific in his attacks on the social injustice and rampant degradation of politics. 

Today in his memory I want to share with you his famous poem regarding exploitation of dalits in a village dominated by upper caste in my voice. The poem starts with the line Main chamaron ki gali tak le chaloonga aapko .. The poem is a moving story in itself. The poem was based on a true incident in UP.

Adam Gondvi is no more but I hope his poetry will always propel us to fight against injustice in our present system in years to come.