Monday, September 26, 2011

Ja Ja Re Apne Mandirvaa Ja.. : Nirali Kartik & Shankar Tucker combine to produce this bandish in Raag Bheem Palasi

We talked about some melodious tunes of Shankar Tucker in the last post. In his album The Shruti Box he has also collaborated with Nirali Kartik to produce an awesome bandish based on Raag Bheem Palasi. The mukhda of the bandish goes like this

Ja Ja Re Apne Mandirvaa Ja..

Nirali is a upcoming classical singer  from Ahemdabad. Born & brought up  in a musical family of Ahmedabad, she is related with Mewat Gharana. Their jugalbandi in this composition is so enchanting. that you can't have enough of it.

Infact Shankar has included some film based numbers also in his album. The notable among them is a song from Slumdog Millionaire. Then there are two numbers from Iyer Sisters : Vandana and; Vidya. Their rendation of a tamil bhajan Nee Nenaindal.. sung in praise of goddess Mahalakshmi has got tremendous popularity on the net.

All in all the debut album of Shankar Tucker is worth every penny. Hope we will hear much more from this talented musician in near future.