Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 Bollywood dancing nos. of 2011 !

Annual Countdown 2011 is still one week away. But before the year ends lets rewind through the top 10 bollywood numbers which kept our feet rolling. These days most of the Bollywood nos. are  presented as Item nos. If you take a cursory glance at last year item songs one can easily conclude that there re three essential ingredient of a hit item songs catchy tune, lot of exposure by item girls & over and above some choicest expletives , more vulgar the better.

Here is my list of top ten dancing nos. 

#10 : Zara Dil ko tham lo..
 # 9 : Character Dheela
 # 8 : Char Baj Gaye Magar Party Abhi baki hai
 # 7 :Chhammak Chhalloo
 # 6 :Umrao Jaan
 # 5 : Taany Taany Phish
 #4 : D K Bose
 #3 : Saddi Gali...aaya Karo
  #2 : Kolaveri D
  #1 : OOO la la

While compiling these songs I have tried to see them from a different point of view . You can hear all these songs along with my take on them here. Do join next week in Annual Countdown 2011.